Can you survive in a zombie apocalypse

We all have ideas of how the world will end but it is time to prepare so you know what to do when that day comes and it all starts with this test! This test will show you how the zombie apocalypse could go down and not the real thing so don't get to angry with me.

If you are doing this test please support and don't judge i did this on my ds and it is my first time okay thank you.Anyway please comment telling me how I could improve and what I should do next and hopefully i get a good rating enjoy!

Created by: Shadow
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  1. Where would you make your base in the apocalypse?
  2. How many people would you have in your group?
  3. Where would you go first to get supplies?
  4. Your collecting supplies when 10 zombies walk through the door into room blocking the exit what will you do?
  5. You found a bunch of weapons but can only take one what is it?
  6. You come along a kid who is bitten what will you do?
  7. You find electrical barded wire that would fit the metal fence at your base perfectly. Only thing is you saw someone put it in the persons pick up truck with the keys still in. There is also solar panels seeds and a distillation system.
  8. A bunch of zombies are in front of your base what will you dicide
  9. the person finds you eventually and demands for his stuff back what will happen next
  10. the world has only 10 survivors and 2 of them are with you as the zombies have taken over the world and are slowly dieing from starvation

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Quiz topic: Can I survive in a zombie apocalypse