Zombie Apocalypse

There are many people who believe that the earth will end from the zombie apocalypse, possibly when the Mayan calendar ends. If the world does end right then lets just hope our demise is quick and swift, not painful like zombies.

Just to reassure people I think we are quite safe from the world ending, as there have been many false prophets bearing false witness. An example is Y2K when everybody thought computers would malfunction and think that it is 1900 all over.

Created by: Brandon

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  1. In the case that a zombie apocalypse does happen, who would you choose to fight with?
  2. When you have to fight the zombies, what type of weapon would you use?
  3. Even if you have never shot a gun before you will have to, but which gun?
  4. Once you heard about the zombies what would you do first
  5. What position would you have in a group of survivors?
  6. You have just gotten a laceration from cutting yourself from when you were hiding but even with you shirt sleeve wrapped around it, it doesn't look good. You just raided a pharmacy what would you take?
  7. Once you ran out of ammunition for the guns you'll need to use melee weapons which one would you choose?
  8. Have you ever been in Cub Scouts/ Boy Scouts?
  9. If you were to build a fort where would it be?
  10. What type of vehicle would you drive to safety in?

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