The super zombie quiz

hello guys ! this quiz is all about what you would do in a realistic zombie acclopayse (zombie rampage) in it i will ask you questions and you have to answer truthfully..

But do not lye who knows? maybe what you where about to say was good and dont take what i say your acheivement is seriously please! oh and be care full some of the questions thier are no answer too !have lots of fun guys

Created by: Anthony

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  1. first, where would you go to hold up fort against zombies?
  2. now what would you do to defend your fort if you were given 123 barbwire fences and 100 peices of wood and 400 nails?
  3. Who would you give your gun to while you were out scavenging?
  4. you were surrondered by 2 million zombies and you had only 700 survivors each with rocket launchers, how much ammo maximum 2,000?
  5. which weapon would you use in a zombie attack?
  6. what amount of weaponary are you planning on using
  7. how many survivors do you hope or have under your command?
  8. which one? a pistol 2 million survivors and a dagger and the same for all the survivors or 300 rocket launchers 299 surviovors 299 knifes and 1 grenade launcher which one would you choose?
  9. last question , you and the survivors were starving and your freinds and survivors had spotted a small safe house lightly guarded and they wouldent share, what would you do?
  10. you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with only a bow and 40 arrows, 80 zombies approach how do you solve this?

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