How useful are you in a zombie apocalypse?

A lot of people think they have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. This quiz requires honest answers to give an assessment of weather you are as good as you think

Are you as tough as you thaught? Can you handle situations quickly and smartly? Would you be a useful addition to a group of survivors or would you be the dead weight?

Created by: Unknown

  1. Are you good at cooking, and knowing what to eat?
  2. What weapon(s) do you own?
  3. How well can you use the weapon(s) you have?
  4. How well do you know your local area?
  5. How do you travel?
  6. Is there somewhere nearby that you could fix up to be a good living area?
  7. What area do you live in?
  8. On a supply run you are heading back to camp and you spot a few unmapped abandoned looking shops. You are with one other person and see a horde of about 30 zombies heading your way and have a chance to quickly run into one of the stores to grab some items, which do you choose?
  9. A member of the group gets bitten and only tells you, they don't want the group to know. How do you deal with the situation?
  10. You are with your group moving to a new location, you are all on foot and you spot another well armed group. in the descusion on what to do what is your imput?
  11. Do you have a plan for the zombie apocolypse?
  12. Could you survive off your surrounding, hunting, eating what you could find e.g. insects, berries, small animals etc. could you find water and know how to make it safe to drink?
  13. How healthy are you?

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Quiz topic: How useful am I in a zombie apocalypse?