Accurate zombie survival. Honest answers ONLY.

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This quiz is about the zombie apocalypse. if you want to know how long you would last, this is the quiz for you. this will give you as accurate as possible an idea of how long you'd survive.

Answer the questions. MAGA. I love america, and hopefully you do too. This will relatively accurately describe your ability to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Created by: sebastian1776

  1. How fast can you run a mile?
  2. What is the strongest weapon that you have in your possession?
  3. What ideology fits you best
  4. How much can you lift?
  5. Be honest, how much do you weigh/fitness level
  6. Afraid of the dark?
  7. Can you whittle?
  8. can you make a shelter?
  9. Do you know martial arts?
  10. Choice of clothing *AVAILABLE* to you
  11. eyesight
  12. do you know how to shoot any firearm?
  13. Have you served in the armed forces?
  14. Where do you live?

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