Zombie Survival Quiz

Many people think they will survive the apocalypse. Unfortunately, they are wrong. This shockingly accurate quiz will show you how likely you are to survive.

I can't tell you the results I promised unless you take this quiz. It's very accurate, and will tell you exactly how likely you are to survive the apocalypse.

Created by: Astrocat2475
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  1. You just heard abut the zombie apocalypse, what is the first thing you do?
  2. You have safely made it through by barricading your house, and stockpiling some weapons and food. However, your supplies are running low. What do you do?
  3. While you were scavenging, you come across of about 4-6 people. What do you do?
  4. You are in a group of about four people. You are traveling to a different city and see a horde of zombies on the horizon. You and your group need sleep and are exhausted. What do you do?
  5. What's a bug-out bag? Answer honestly.
  6. Do you have a bug out bag?
  7. Are you you within 30 seconds of a weapon anywhere in your current location? Is it blunt or sharp?
  8. How big is the town you live in?
  9. What vehicle do you prefer?
  10. What is a 5.56mm NATO?
  11. What ranged weapon do you prefer?
  12. What melee weapon do you prefer?
  13. What do you rate your medical skill out of 10?
  14. What class would you be in a group?
  15. How far can you run?
  16. How fast do you walk?
  17. What base do you prefer?
  18. If your friend was bit what would you do?
  19. Would you do the same if it was your family?
  20. Would you do the same if it was your significant other?
  21. Would you do the same if you were bit?
  22. Do you have any addictions?
  23. You are surrounded by walkers. You only have the ammo left in your gun. You don't know how much that is, and there's no time to check. What do you do?
  24. You are scavenging, and you come across a car surrounded by walkers. You hear screaming. What do you do?
  25. How much do you exercise a week?
  26. Does your job have you handle a weapon, or tool that can be used as a weapon?
  27. What would you pack for the zombie apocalypse?
  28. You are in a group. Would you have on person carry a certain type of items, or would you have everyone carry a balanced mix?

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