Can YOU survive a robopocalypse?

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There are many good survivor guy in this world. Some of them has set up their survival guide, others has prepared their equipment of survival. Some chose to learn to survive in the woods, other chose to learn to survive in a disaster.

But what happens if both of them didn't happen? what if it was much worse than both or even worse than a zombie apocalypse? what if it was a robot apocalypse? then do this quiz to prove your surviving skills...

Created by: Yo Momma of The Vile Man
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  1. You hear the news of the most advanced technology coming this year, what will you do?
  2. You got only 3 items to package, what will you pack? (Excluding Humans)
  3. Which one of these is the best weapon to penetrate a metal?
  4. You meet some random bloke on the street, what will you do?
  5. What happen if you see a robot soldier?
  6. Do you think this might really happen?
  7. Which one of these is the best choice? (will affect your score)
  8. Which one of these that you consider the best robopocalypse movie?
  9. If someone ask your name, what will you do?
  10. Hi!
  11. What is the best weapon?
  12. What will you do after you kill the evil robot?
  13. ONE LAST Question...... Which one of this following celebrities will you pick up?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a robopocalypse?