Can you survive?

There are many things to survive in this world, whether it be fictional or realistic. I mean, we witness people surviving everyday. They may be surviving school, work, in books, or even in movies!

Can you survive these different scenarios that I came up with? This quiz is going to test just that and I'd like to wish you the best of luck in advance.

Created by: purplepink01
  1. Horror Story: The yellow light of the full moon in the dark sky casts an eerie glow into the woods that you are in to "spend your vacation." Suddenly, a chilling howl breaks the silence and footsteps come bounding toward you fast!
  2. Horror Story: You are inside a giant, victorian house where the only thing faintly illuminating the room is a few candles. You jump when a loud banging on the door starts and slowly begins to become more frantic. Screams are heard on the other side, but you know they can't come in because the door is firmly locked.
  3. Natural Disasters: You are eating breakfast when the TV in the living room begins to blare from the threat of a tornado that is close to your home!
  4. Natural Disasters: You are awakened in the middle of the night by clanging and moving from the other home nearby. You get up to take a look when you realize that your feet are wet!
  5. Apocolypse: You are watching the news in the living room when the anchors begin the yell about a zombie apocolypse! You look outside and see one standing by the tree ( which is close to your window).
  6. Apocolypse: You are in the airport and about to board your plane when you notice that people all around you are coughing violently. You hear on the intercom that any uncoughing people need to evacuate the building because a disease is taking over people.
  7. Movies: You are in the movie, "Titanic".It is 10 minutes till it will crash into the iceberg, but you notice the two main characters in that instant.
  8. Movies: You are in the movie, "2012." The funny thing is, you happen to be right at the part where everyone is trying to board those big ships. The flood is coming fast and they aren't letting anyone on!
  9. Emotions/ Feelings: Boredom.
  10. Emotions/ Feelings: Energetic.
  11. Emotions/ Feelings: Energetic.

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