Will you survive the end of days?

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Hell quiz taker. This quiz will let you know what percentage in chance YOU have in surviving the last war. I meant to put more questions, but i was tired. If you think you have what it takes to survive the end, take this quiz and see for youself.

Hello, my name's Chris. I created this quiz because it's always fun to know what probablity one has in surviving the apocalypse. Forgive me if the questions don't really paint a picture, but this was all in the last minute. Comment on this quiz, letting me know what you think of it. Thank you for taking this wierd quiz, hope you get a good score!

Created by: Chris

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  1. There is a massive earthquake! Your by yourself, what do you do?
  2. You run outside, and see someone in need of help. You...
  3. With your new ally, you two go inside a mini mart. You...
  4. Your running low on water, meteors are raining down, and the world is being engulfed in flames.
  5. The car has broken down, and the crust is deteriorating. What's your next move?
  6. What time is it?
  7. In search for shelter, you and your ally run in to the guy/girl you like. What do you do?
  8. You have found an abondoned house.
  9. When you wake up, a the ground begins to deteriorate, splitting the house in half. You and your group are on the half that's falling!
  10. You and your friends run outside, where you see a working car. Take it or leave it?
  11. Your on your way to safety.
  12. You've reached the survivors colony! You have protected all your friends. Are you out of danger yet?
  13. Hello!
  14. This is the last question. Is this the last question?
  15. BYE!! How'd you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the end of days?