Can You Survive A Horror Movie?

The commonly said words that come out of peoples mouths after watching a horror movie is, "well i could have survived easy!" Well it isnt so easy to survive. Trust Me

Can You Survive? test your survival skills in this quiz to see if you are truly able to survive a horror movie, because, you never know when your life will become one!

Created by: Bingo
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  1. What thing should you not do in a horror movie?
  2. Who can you trust in a horror movie
  3. Where should you stay away from in a Horror movie?
  4. Is it smart to throw a party during a horror movie?
  5. Are the villans or serial killers smart?
  6. Best place to hide during a horror movie
  7. Suppose you are in a grocery store and the killer is chasing you, what should you do?
  8. Best weapon to use against the killer
  9. Suspects are usually...
  10. Does the killer need a motive?
  11. Who should you be?

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive A Horror Movie?