will you survive a slasher film

There is a type of horror movie called a slasher film. A slasher film is a horror film with a sico killer killing people with a sharp object. This is a sub genre

Can you survive a slasher film can you dodge the knife coming at you find out with this quiz. Some other quizes of mine are the if you want to take this quiz go ahead series and can you survive a zombie infection

Created by: evan

  1. You here screaming from the house across the street you
  2. An hour later you hear something outside your bedroom door
  3. Your friend falls down but you didn't you
  4. you are on the crapper in a windowless bathroom when the killer starts to break down the door
  5. you are running down the street away from the sico where do you go
  6. you are watching tv when the power goes off but you notice only your power is out so you
  7. what do you know about slasher films
  8. are you good at hiding
  9. does anyone matter in a slasher film
  10. do you expect to survive?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a slasher film