Would I survive a slasher movie?

Have you ever wondered could I survive through a slasher movie? Well take the test to find out! But it will not be easy you'll have to make tough choices!

Try this quiz out and see what percent you have to survive a Slasher movie! One of the hardest type of movies to live through! Tough choices are on the way Yourself or your friends?

Created by: Joel

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  1. You are home alone and the power goes out do you...
  2. Your in your room with the door locked because a maniac is busting through the door with an axe do you..
  3. You are at a secluded mansion and someone winds up dead. Who do you think is the killer?
  4. Your in the hospital and its night. And you found a note in your room that read "I'll kill you tonight"
  5. Your staying at a hotel and every night you hear weird noises in your neighbors room. It sounds like someone groaning in pain. What would you do (You've called the cops before but they didn't do anything)
  6. What would you defend yourself with if you were in the middle of a cornfield with a maniac?
  7. If you and your friend were driving in a car (Your driving) And it's night. Suddenly a hand with a knife comes out from the backseat of the car and keeps stabbing your friend to death (He's not dead yet)
  8. How good are you with pressure?
  9. Your outside of your friend's house at night. You find out there's a killer in the house with your friend and his entire family what do you do?
  10. If there was a killer on the loose where would you be found?

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