ultimate 80's slasher movie quiz

There are a lot of horror fans, but are you a true slasher film fanatic? There are a lot of great slasher films from the 80's that are relatively good. which ultimately, didn't get the credit they deserve.

Let's see how well you know your slasher films by taking this quiz. The general slasher fan can tell you everything about Friday the 13th, but only the die-hard slasher fans can answer the questions in this quiz. Good Luck!

Created by: kitti_eyes

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  1. In 1981's Final Exam, there's a wiry little fellow who's obsessed with serial killers. He's also nicknamed after a vegetable. Who is he?
  2. In Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2, Chop-Top wants to turn the 'run-down-theme-park-called-home' something else. What did he want to rename it?
  3. In My Bloody Valentine (1981) what's the name of the bar all miners go to after work?
  4. Which character from My Bloody Valentine "once snorted coke but almost drowned."
  5. In the early 80's slasher film The Burning, the killer's weapon of choice is?
  6. In 1982's Just Before Dawn, what song is the group listening to as they make their way up the mountain in their R.V.?
  7. In the early 80's Canadian Slasher CURTAINS, what death scene is in most noted for?
  8. In The Final Terror (1983), Zorich, just before going after the killer, gets stoned on what?
  9. In the 1982 Canadian slasher film HUMONGOUS, why does hideously deformed (rarely seen) killer resort to killing off a bunch of stranded kids?
  10. In the early 80's Canadian slasher Terror Train starring Jamie Lee Curtis, who was Alana's boyfriend?

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