Are you a HAIRSPRAY fanatic?

Big hair is back! HAIRSPRAY is the Tony-award winning musical about a love-struck teen who dreams of dancing her way into stardom. Are you a fan of HAIRSPRAY the show and movie? Do you have what it takes to prove you are the ultimate HAIRSPRAY fan?

Do you love the show and movie HAIRSPRAY? Have you seen it more than once? Do you think you are the ultimate HAIRSPRAY fanatic? Test your knowledge and prove you are a HAIRSPRAY FANATIC!!!

Created by: Broadway/San Diego
  1. What city does HAIRSPRAY take place in?
  2. What is the name of Tracy Turnblad's best friend?
  3. What real-life dance program was "The Corny Collins Show" based on?
  4. One of the characters' names is also the name of an underwater plant. What is his name?
  5. Which actress played Tracy Turnblad in the original 1988 movie?
  6. What character did pop singer Vitamin C play in the original film?
  7. Which of the following is not an original HAIRSPRAY song?
  8. What is the name of Amber Van Tussle's dance?
  9. Who will be playing Edna Turblad in the new, upcoming film version of the show?
  10. Which of the following celebrities will NOT be in the new movie?

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Quiz topic: Am I a HAIRSPRAY fanatic?