Hairspray (the movie) Trivia

Hairpray. the famous musical was made into a movie that came out on july 20, and was on DVD in November. And it is just about the MOST AMAZING MOVIE MUSICAL EVER!!!

So, how much do YOU know about the Hairspray movie (and a bit of the soundtrack). Will you shine or will you find out you're not much of a fan after all. Take the quiz already, and find out!

Created by: Christine
  1. What is the 1st song in the Movie?
  2. What is the TV Station The Corney Collins Show is on?
  3. Who plays Tracy?
  4. Why Does John Travolta play Edna?
  5. What is NOT a Dance from the movie?
  6. Who are the Twins on the Corney Collins Show?
  7. Who does Penny Fall in Love With?
  8. What is Seaweed's Sister's name?
  9. What Two songs does Link Sing solo? (on the Soundtrack, if not fully in the movie)
  10. When was the Last time Edna left the house? (Since "mama, welcome to the 60's)
  11. What is the Name of Tracy's Dad's Shop?

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