Movie Trivia: How well do you know the movies I know?

Do you watch the same movies I watch? Do you carefully watch movies and notice all of the little details? Most importantly, do you remember movies vividly and can tell me details off the top of your head?

Well, come try my quiz! It's full of movie trivia of the films I like to watch! Action, horror and animated movie trivia is all mixed together in this quiz! So, let's see how well you do!

Created by: venGE@NCE (EminencE)
  1. In "Kill Bill vol. 1" and "Kill Bill vol. 2", what was the main character's name?
  2. What is Sigourney Weaver's real name?
  3. In "Hero", what were the names of the three wanted criminals?
  4. In "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines", how did the Terminatrix meet it's end?
  5. In "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story", what causes Stewie's near-death experience?
  6. In "Sin City", what is the name of the location where "the ladies are the law"?
  7. In "Saw 3", how does Jigsaw die?
  8. In the movie "Finding Nemo", what does the latin word "nemo" actually mean?
  9. In "300", what is the only thing we see King Leonidas eating in the entire movie?
  10. In "Starship Troopers", what is the love interest of the main character, Johnny Rico?
  11. In "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King", which actor plays "Eomer"?
  12. In "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace", what is the name of Queen Amidala's decoy?
  13. In "From Dusk Till Dawn", what does that strip club revealed to be at the end of the film?
  14. In "Happily N'Ever After", what colour is Frieda's dress?
  15. In "Hannibal Rising", what is Hannibal's sister's name?

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Quiz topic: Movie Trivia: How well do I know the movies I know?