How Dumb or Dumber are you?

You like movies? Think you know it all when it comes down to movie trivia? Most people say they remember everything about their favorite movies. You think you're Dumb and Dumber more than anyone else?? We'll see...

Dumb and Dumber fans unite! See what you get when you challenge yourself to remember trivia from the funniest/greatest movie of all time. An instant classic and the main reason I am who I am today, and probably who you are for considering taking this quiz.

Created by: Mishkin
  1. Who stars in Dumb and Dumber?
  2. Jeff Daniels played which character?
  3. Dumb and Dumber was written by which Farrelly brother
  4. Who was credited for directing Dumb and Dumber?
  5. Which city does the road trip start in?
  6. What place does Harry say when he tells Lloyd to "cut it out we're not even through __________ and you're starting to annoy me"
  7. What country is the girl from at the beginning when Lloyd hits on her from the limousine?
  8. Who played Mary Swanson?
  9. What state is their target city located?
  10. What was the real name of the hitman?
  11. What year was Dumb and Dumber released into theaters?
  12. From what movie did Jim Carrey quote, "I'd like to eat her liver..."
  13. Name the song that was playing in Lloyd's fantasy while he was driving?
  14. What professional sport did Sea Bass play in real life?
  15. Jim Carrey uses a scene from a movie starring Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta when he gets Sea Bass to pay for everything, what movie was it?
  16. Who was wearing what color tuxedos?
  17. What was the name of Mary's husband?
  18. What was the first word of the song that played when the Hawaiian Tropic bus pulls up?
  19. What was the model of the Lamborghini that they used?
  20. What was the stated value in the movie of the Lamborghini?
  21. Finish this quote, "That's as good as _____ Sir!"
  22. How many hours a week did they not want to work when they turned down jobs after they both got fired?
  23. What color was Harry's skiing outfit?
  24. What was the laxative that Lloyd poured for Harry in his "spiked" drink?
  25. What movie did the melody come from when Harry was having stomach trouble from the laxative and Lloyd was laughing evily while riding down the street to Mary's house?
  26. What did Lloyd give to Mental when he killed him at the diner?
  27. Who's piss did the officer on the bike drink?
  28. How many miles to the gallon did the "hog" get?
  29. Nickname of the van they used
  30. Name of the pet store Lloyd and Harry wanted to open
  31. Finish this quote, "Swimmy, Sammy Swammy, Swanny, Swanson, Swanson? ______!"
  32. What was the time for "some manly love?"
  33. What was the name of the lady that Harry groomed her dogs for?
  34. How many times does Lloyd say "There you go" in the tipping scene at the hotel?
  35. According to Harry, what did he invest into his van?
  36. What was the name of the show that Mary was watching when Harry came to pick her up for the date that talked about the blind kid "incident" with Petie?
  37. What was Harry's first excuse when Mary knocks on the bathroom door?
  38. What other city did the sign say when Lloyd missed the turn to Aspen because he was busy plugging Harry's nose?
  39. What did Lloyd eat on the way up to Aspen that made him kinda full?
  40. Finish the quote, "If I know Mary she'll invite us right in for tea and _____"

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