Are You Smarter Than A Bat

A bat can be as smart as a bat can be. But you could be dumber than it? Well the truth has to come out sometime so lets find out now. At least then we can get you some serious help.

Bats are smart or are they. Although I dont know how smart a bat is I know there has to be somone dumber than it. Are you that luckey person find out NOW@

Created by: Ashton
  1. What is lava called before it comes out of the ground?
  2. What is a jailbird?
  3. Do dogs eat bones?
  4. Do people see in black in white?
  5. Do Zebras have stripes or spots?
  6. What letters can you get on your report card?
  7. Do turkies get eaten?
  8. Do horses eat grass?
  9. Do pencils move themselves?
  10. Do you think your smarter than a bat?

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Quiz topic: Am I Smarter Than A Bat