Are you Smarter Then Bush?

I created this quiz after seeing the power of ten on CBS. I thought it would be interesting to make a quiz to see who was smarter the President Bush. Fortunately if you even get a 1% on this test your still smarter.

The key to being sucessful in this test is to be a Bush speech junky. If you can basically think as Bush would you'll be kind of sucessful. Just make sure to watch his correspondent dinners and you should be fine.

Created by: Anthony

  1. Can humans and fish coexhist peacefully?
  2. What did George Bush call the State of the Union adress?
  3. Does it make sense according to bush to have a deadline?
  4. Do single mothers work hard to put food on their family?
  5. According to President Bush what does the w in his name stand for?
  6. On April 29th, 2006 at the whitehouse correspondent's dinner which was bush's answer on whether or not he wanted to be there?
  7. According to Stephen Colbert where does president bush do most of his thinking?
  8. What type of duck did Bush say he was?
  9. Why does Bush love America?
  10. The challenge facing the united States according to bush is?
  11. According to Bush what does recruitiments mean?
  12. last question for national security purposes...President Bush is the greatest President of all time?

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Quiz topic: Am I Smarter Then Bush?