Are You A Fan A Fanatic

I coach a little league baseball team, and have played on many recreation league and high school teams in the past. Through my experiences I have learned that there is always at least one parent that is more of a fanatic than fan of the game.

I have created this quiz so you can test yourself to see if you are a fan or fanatic. If you yourself do not have children you can take test in a parents place to see if you have a parent who is a fanatic.

Created by: Kyle
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  1. Do you confront your child's coach to tell him that your child deserves more playing time, even if he/she doesn't?
  2. Have you coached your child's team and allowed him to play any position he/she wants, even if your child is horrible?
  3. Do you attend your child's competitions only yo scream and yell at the coach from the stands?
  4. Do you consult with other parents to conspire against the coaches?
  5. Do you always blame your child's team's loss on the other players, even if he was a major contributor?
  6. Do you sign your child up for every sporting camp possible, even if they don't want to go?
  7. Are you trying to relive your childhood life through your children and their activities?
  8. Does your child ask you not to attend their athletic events?
  9. Have you ever placed a bet or wager on a sporting event your child was participating in?
  10. Have you ever made your child quit a team because you thought that they were not being treated fairly despite the fact that they were having fun?

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