The ultimate naruto expert quiz!

A fanatic person who loves a movie or something will do all his best just to gather informations about it.It is his pleasure to know the things about his favorite artist,movie or etc.In this quiz,you will know if you are fanatic.

Are you a Naruto "FANATIC"?You can say that you are fanatic with Naruto if you know a lot of things about it and if you really love watching it.So,for you to find out,take this quiz!THE ULTIMATE NARUTO EXPERT QUIZ!It's fun!good luck!

Created by: Carlo_kazekage15
  1. What is the name of Naruto's father?
  2. Who are the students of Kurinai?
  3. Who is the father of Gaara?
  4. What is the special technique of the 1st HOKAGE and YAMATO?
  5. Who is the latest member of Akatsuki on the following?
  6. What is the meaning of "sharingan" ?
  7. Who is the 5th Hokage?
  8. Which of the following is not a technique of Uchiha Sasuke?
  9. What was the first technique learned by naruto?
  10. How did Gaara cheated during the chuunin exam?
  11. Who is the leader of akatsuki?
  12. Who said this?"if you don't have sand, you can't do anything!"
  13. What is sakura's position in the 2nd series?
  14. From what country a Raikage reigns?
  15. How many gates are there in a ninja's body?
  16. What is the last gate?
  17. What was the new weapon carried by sasuke in the 2nd series?
  18. Who said this?"I gotta say,you've noticed me so easily."
  19. Who are the puppets of kankouro?
  20. Who is the teacher of Lee,TenTen and Nejie?
  21. Who is the 3rd son of the 3rd hokage?
  22. Favorite Ramen of naruto.
  23. How many jinchuuriki are there in the series?
  24. From what village is the 1st jinchuuriki?
  25. How many members are there in the Akatsuki organization?
  26. "ART IS A BLAST!"
  27. What is Temari's weapon?
  28. He is the Hyuga master.
  29. A former member of Akatsuki.
  30. What is the title of the 3rd Opening of naruto?
  31. Which of the following is not a naruto song theme?
  32. Do you like gaara?
  33. Last question,who is the creator of naruto manga series?

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