How well do you know Itachi Uchiha

There are many smart Naruto Information people, but few true Experts. Especially when it is about the Akatsuki. In this Test, the member is my personal favorite Itachi Uchiha.

If you think your a #1-5 fan of this rogue S-Rank Hunk than take the quiz and see where you stand. Itachi is a sweet and misunderstood gentle soul. So see how much you love Itachi.

Created by: Daisuke
  1. Okay lets start off with an easy one... Who is Itachi's Brother?
  2. How tall is Itachi?
  3. How old was Itachi when he graduated the academy?
  4. What is in Itachi's bloodline?
  5. When is Itachi's Birthday?
  6. How old was Itachi when he died?
  7. What is Itachi's blood type?
  8. At what age did Itachi pass the Chunin Exams??
  9. What does 'Uchiha, Itachi' mean?
  10. How old was Itachi when he first made his appearance in the hidden leaf village?
  11. What was the name of Itachi's best Friend?
  12. What did Itachi become at age 13?
  13. What is the name of Itachi's Old Partner?
  14. What did Itachi cut off of Orochimaru?
  15. Is Itachi Blind?
  16. Is Itachi a Make or Female?
  17. Who killed Itachi Uchiha?
  18. Was Itachi a cold hearted person, with no feelings what so ever?
  19. Why did Itachi not tell Sasuke the truth?
  20. What is on Itachi's ring?
  21. What finger and hand does Itachi carry his ring on?
  22. What color of Nail Polish does Itachi wear?
  23. What is the name of Itachi's parents?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Itachi Uchiha