Sasuke or Itachi's girlfriend?

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ITACHI OR SASUKE? You choose your man? Cute and cuddly or weird and ugly? Do you want your last name to be Uchiha or just forget guys all together...Take this Quiz and find out!

Click here or copy and paste this into your search bar (not Google) to see a video I made on you tube called after Itachi's death and how Sasuke copes with his brothers' death... :'( [no urls]?v=hWDnHufHPDo If that doesn't work try the web page address: [no urls]?v=hWDnHufHPDo Then check out my Other videos HaleyBugg10260 :D

Created by: Haley

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like revenge but it never works out for you or do you always try to be nice and lovable but people mistake you generosity?
  2. Would you kill your best friend to help your sibling in the long run?
  3. Would you hate your brother/sister if they killed your family... But did it for you...?
  4. Are YOU most like Sasuke or Itachi?
  5. Are you short or tall?
  6. Are you calm or Fun to be around because you're up-beat and not depressing?
  7. What animal are you most like?
  8. do you like being in your quiet room or in a restaurant with your family (and with all the noise)
  9. What's your fav. color?
  10. You're hungry! What do you eat?
  11. do you like people and have friends or do you like having no one to bother you and hate being around people?

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