Your Naruto Boyfriend!

Don't you hate seeing girls claim anime guys. Guys you love?! Well I do too. Isn't it time you found out who? Who do I mean by who? Well your future boy friend of course silly!

Who is your Naruto boyfriend? Bad boy Sasuke? Sasuke: ... Lovable Naruto? Naruto: Hey there! Genius neji? Neji: Follow your destiny. Hardworking lee? Lee: Pleas be my girlfriend I will protect you with my life! Headstrong kiba? Kiba: What's up everyone? Or Killer Itachi? Itachi: Hmph get in my way and you will be killed... Which is your boy today only time and my quiz will tell!

Created by: Yukiko Misaki

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  1. What your favorite color?
  2. You leave your note book out in the forest. It has tons of poems you wrote about the guy you like though you didn't write a name but repeatedly said why do I like him so... Sasuke happens to find it and won't give it back until you tell him who you like. You:
  3. You decided to run from Sasuke you thought you had lost him when you ran into his brother Itachi. He asks who are you running from? You tel lhim Sasuke. Itachi then says: My foolish little brother could never handle a girl correctly but I can... He hands you a phone number and address you:
  4. You end up taking the number and address then you walked away (note: Itachi ain't evil he and Sasuke still live together in this quiz)You heard your stomach growling so you went to ichiraku's and saw Naruto kiba and shikamaru enjoying a bowl of ramen you say...
  5. You finish eatin and head to the training ground A to catch up on some much needed training. There you run into Neji and Lee lee greets you and then he invites you to train with them you:
  6. You finish up your training and you decide to go home but before you leave you fell some one grab your wrist it's Neji. He said he want to talk to you. You say:
  7. Seeing how late it was Neji give you his number and says he'll talk to you the next day. You nod and head for home but made a mistake of walking by the forest. There Sasuke ambushes you again pinning you to a tree staring at you point blank in the eyes. You:
  8. You try to free your self and Sasuke pushes himself closer to you to keep you from moving. Terrified of what was going to happen you closed you eyes. Sasuke began to caress your face and you felt his breath get closer and closer to you then... He let you go and disappeared. Your thinking:
  9. You try to hold back tears and start running home. Your eyes began to fill with tears as you close the door to your house. Your brother Kioshi is there looking both angry and concerned he asks why were you crying and who made you cry you say.
  10. The next day you have a decision to make who will you choose to be yours forever?
  11. How did you like my CRAZY quiz?!

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Quiz topic: My Naruto Boyfriend!