The Naruto Boyfriend Quiz!

Have you ever wanted to know who you'd be matched up with if you were in the Naruto world? HUH? HUH?! HUH?!? Well now you can learn what your future holds for you. Your future husband is around the corner!

Just Take a few minutes to take my quiz it won't disappoint. Learn who your destined to be with. The sexy Sasuke. The immortal Itachi. The Neglected Neji. The Leisureful Lee. The Krazy Kiba. The Nawticle Naruto? Learn your future now!!!

Created by: Gianella
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  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. Favorite Food?
  3. RP: Alright here's the story! You left your notepad with a bunch of private thought and pics in there in the woods and Neji found it you wrote _______ Hyuga What do you do? P. S ________ is your name!
  4. Rp: Neji as about to talk when Sasuke came and stated arguing with Neji because he was with you What do you say?
  5. RP: You were about to step in and then Itachi came out and asked you to dinner at the Uchiha compound you say?
  6. Rp: Itachi and Sasuke leave and your left alone with Neji. You try to explain what happened and out of no where he kisses you you:
  7. Lets say you ran away when running to your house you bump into Naruto and he offers to buy you ramen. You tell him what happened and he looks insanely mad you say:
  8. You thank Naruto for the food and start heading back home when you bump into Lee he offers you a flower and asks if your ok and what happened with Neji you:
  9. You run away from lee and feel tears running down your eyes. Your house is so far so you decide to sit on a bench only to find gaara there. You:
  10. You finally made it home and remember your dinner with Itachi you get ready and pick out some clothes you wear.
  11. When you get to the compound you found out Itachi had been sent on a mission so he could make your dinner date your bummed but stumbling in the woods you find Kiba you:
  12. You talk with him for w while and then go home to sleep you dream of?
  13. Would you ever marry one of them?
  14. Lastly: What's your life quote?

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