How much of a HXC Naruto fan are you?

This is a quiz to see how much you know about Naruto. All the answers in this quiz are correct(unless of obvious typo) and have been checked by reliable sources. I hope you enjoy seeing if you are a Naruto HXC fan, and please do not flame. (But helpful criticism is permitted) ^_^

Do YOU know 100% about Naruto? I bet you don't and I'm going to challenge you to try this INSANELY hard quiz to see exactly how well you rival Neji and Shikamaru in your knowledge of all things Naruto! Step right up and see how well you fair.

Created by: Nicholas
  1. Ok Lets start with an easy one shall we? What is sealed inside Naruto?
  2. How many jutsu's can Naruto preform after stealing the Sacred Scroll?
  3. What is the most powerful Jutsu Naruto has learned at the end of the Original Naruto Series?
  4. Name a member of the Akatsuki.
  5. What move is the only move in Kakashi's arsenal did he NOT come up with, I'm looking for accurate Japanese name not the horrible dubbed name...
  6. What move did Kakashi teach Sasuke?
  7. Rock lee has a major attack that inflicts horrible damage if done correctly, what is the name of its first stage?
  8. Rock Lee's second form of the move, the Reverse Lotus, can only be activated by unlocking what?
  9. What about Sasuke makes him so full of angst?
  10. Tenten specializes in what particular skill?
  11. What is Kiba's dogs name?
  12. Neji, being one of the strongest Ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village, has what particular Kekkei Genkai?
  13. Regarding the last question, How what are the points on the body called that Neji can strike only with this kekkei genkai?
  14. Also regarding question #12, what is the technique used to fully utilize this kekkei genkai's power?
  15. ALSO regarding question #12, What is the defense technique used by users of the kekkei genkai?
  16. Power of Sound, Power of Strength, Power of Bone, Power of Agility, Power of Two. What are these the power's of?
  17. In the battle of Sarutobi vs. Orochimaru, What happened to Orochimaru that did exactly allow him to claim victory?
  18. Naruto is able to summon what with his training with Jiriya?
  19. Shikamaru is able to capture his opponents _________?
  20. Tsunade has added force to her punches through the use of?
  21. Sai has the ability to do what?
  22. TonTon is what?
  23. (pick the best word that fits) Kabuto is a _______ with his chakra and his hands?
  24. Orochimaru can summon what from the pit of his stomach?
  25. Itachi has a powerful version of the Sharingan known as the Mangekyo Sharingan. What is the most powerful move he can use with it?

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Quiz topic: How much of a HXC Naruto fan am I?