naruto charactor test

do you want to know who you are in the world of naruto do you have questions about it. than check out this site. you can be one of four charactors from the world of naruto. please try this site

see if you are naruto sasuke shikamaru or rock lee in this quiz. answer ten questions correctly to find out who you are. It is short easy and to the point so you do not have to waste time doing it

Created by: nicholas
  1. you find out that your local ramen bar burned down what do you do
  2. you lose a contest what would you do
  3. your best friend challenges you to a fight what do you do
  4. your town is under attack what do you do
  5. what do you hate the most
  6. you are allowed to make one rule for your town. what would it be
  7. if you had one hundred dollers to spend what would you spend it on
  8. what is your biggest dream
  9. what is your jutsu
  10. what isyour favorite color

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