what naruto charactor are you

this is a test to see who you are most like in naruto. hopefully you will get the person you want we have a good variate of people 8D i love to take naruto tests

so are you as mean as itachi or love ramen like naruto. find out by taking the test. i hope you like it i worked really hard on it. have a fun time oh and did i tell you it will be fun XI

Created by: sakura

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. some one you love just died do you...
  2. your crush just looked at you and you did some thing embaressing so...
  3. your are a naruto guy and you have to chose witch girl you want to date...
  4. the raman shop was just bombed what do you do
  5. orochimaru came to town what do you do
  6. what is your favorite food
  7. what is your favorite type of music
  8. what website would you most likely be on
  9. who do you think is the best in the world
  10. who is the worst

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Quiz topic: What naruto charactor am I