How Smart are you in Naruto #2

Hey you, yeah you do you think you could beat my quiz. Because if you could try it. It has somemore things that is not in the first quiz I maid. If you want to go to a fun Naruto web go to

Are you a person who knows lots about Naruto. Cause if you do take my quiz and see if you are smart enough. If you want to go to a fun Naruto battle web go to

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  1. What is one of the greatest battles in the show?
  2. What is Naruto's most famous jutsu
  3. What is Temari's strongest jutsu
  4. What jutsu does Sakura Haruno want to learn from Yamato
  5. How old is Temari in the Shippuuden season
  6. Who is the leader of the akatsuki
  7. Who is the shiest ninja
  8. What is Neji's strongest jutsu
  9. What happened in season #5 and who were the villians
  10. In the Japan version of Naruto on episode 101 a bird comes and it says.....
  11. When Sakura was a little girl she heard that Sasuke like girls with....
  12. Sasuke wants to kill someone who is it?

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I in Naruto #2