Are You A Naruto Genius?

Are you a Naruto genius? Do you know Naruto? Well then, let's test your skills in this clever quiz wher it takes more then brains to pass... It takes cunning, smarts and wisdom to pass. And also to be a NINJA! Are you up to the test?

This quiz is going to blow your mind away!!! Be quick! Be smart! And get your Naruto facts right because this quiz will test your knowledge of Naruto! Just think of this quiz as the Chuunin Exams and you'll be set for victory.

Created by: Casey

  1. What is the dubbed version of, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu?"
  2. What is the dubbed version of, "Katon: Gyakakyu no Jutsu?"
  3. How long was the time skip?
  4. Who are Konohamaru's family?
  5. What village did Sasori used to live in?
  6. How many tails can Naruto master?
  7. Which list mastered the Rasengan?
  8. Add the number of tails the Shukaku has to the number of points you see in a Mangekyo Sharigan times the squad number for Ino's team minus the number of genin in a squad, what does it equal?
  9. What color is Tobi's mask?
  10. What color is Tobi's mask?
  11. Final question, which list is the Sound Five.

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