Which naruto character are you?

come try this quiz about which naruto character you are like i made it to as accurate as i could so please take it and see who you are i was bored when i made this so the questions are a little repetative

the people you can be are naruto, sasuke, sakura, shikamaru, ino, choji, rocklee & shino so lets see who you are naruto the hyperactive sasuke the emo sakura the freak shikamaru the genius choji the chubby ino the bossy rocklee the worst fashion sense in the land or shino the mysterious creepy guy

Created by: Kizz138
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  1. If You had to be a sensi for a day and you had to explain something to your students would you....
  2. If You Noticed that you Were being followed by enemies would you...
  3. You get to choose who you are fighting next do you choose
  4. a enemy has come up to you while one of your team mates is injured do you...
  5. What is your faviourite kind of jutsu
  6. IF You Are Given a mission you do not like what do you do
  7. You pass by a ramen shop on you way to training with your comrades what do you do...
  8. You Have A Choice Of What you get to do today you choose...
  9. You See someone having trouble lifting a box do you
  10. you have been told you have to fight someone in this room out of all the surviours knowing this do you

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Quiz topic: Which naruto character am I?