Which Naruto Character are you most similar to? FIXED!

Alright this is the new version, with more characters. This time the results include Neji, Ino, and five others. (including Naruto, sasuke, sakura of course.) On the other quiz, I messed up a bit...hopefully you like this one much better. This one will be more accurate.

So, which Naruto character are you most like? Answer each question honestly if you want a honest answer, okay? I know this is the second quiz but this one is updated. I did my best on this one, so feel free to go ahead and start anytime.

Created by: Simah of ChooChoo
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  1. Your favorite color?
  2. Your worst nightmare involved...
  3. One of your bad qualities is...
  4. One of your best qualities is...
  5. Are you a smart-ass?
  6. Do you like Sasuke.
  7. Do you like Hinata?
  8. Your sensei just died in battle...what do you do?
  9. Are you afraid of dying?
  10. A huge monster is invading Konoha, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character am I most similar to? FIXED!