The Naruto Knowledge Quiz

Naruto is a ninja from Leaf village who dreams to be a Hokage. He is part of a great show called Naruto. Already know about it? Interested? Well then, start researching!!

Are you a Naruto Knowledge genius? This quiz is a perfect quiz to find that out. This quiz only takes a couple of minutes. Find out how good you are and wait for a harder Naruto Knowledge quiz to come!!

Created by: Susana
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  1. How did Naruto die?
  2. How did Orochimaru get his arms back?
  3. Which matching of couples isn't right?
  4. How was Orochimaru defeated?
  5. What happens to Akamaru in Part II?
  6. Why would Naruto be killed (If he is)?
  7. What level is Naruto in Part II?
  8. What is Sasuke's choice in Part II?
  9. How does Tsunade think of Naruto?
  10. Why can't Naruto become a chunin?
  11. Who is Naruto's father and leader of Akatsuki?

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