Naruto Knowledge Quiz

The quiz you are about to undertake will test your knowledge of the anime Naruto. The questions are most certainly not all easy, as a true Naruto fan would be able to answer all of them correctly...

Depending on the level of difficulty of the question, the correct answer might add +1 or even +6 to your total outcome. Same goes for incorrect answers... Please forgive any spelling mistakes as I am unable to edit this quiz after finalization.

Created by: Nekura

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  1. What is the Japanese name for "The Hidden Leaf Village" is?
  2. In the Naruto opening, "Fighting Dreamers", which one of these girls DO NOT appear in the background?
  3. In the opening "Fighting Dreamers", which one of these girls does NOT appear in the background?
  4. What does Naruto's full name ( Uzumaki Naruto) mean?
  5. Which character out of these, has a surname?
  6. When is Sasuke's birthday?
  7. What does "usuratonkashi" mean? Clue_(Sasuke calls Naruto this quite often)
  8. Which way does Naruto's hair rotate? Clue_(Jiraiya says that Naruto must rotate the chakra in the OPPOSITE way to make the water balloon pop)
  9. Which of the following, is NOT a land in the Naruto universe?
  10. What is the name of Shizune's pig that she carries?
  11. When Sasuke leaves the village, what are the final words he says to Sakura?
  12. What is the correct spelling of the "Hurricane Chronicles" in Japanese? (The second series)
  13. What is the name of the Japanese voice actor for Kakashi?

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