How much Do You Know About Naruto?

"Some people love anime some people don't! There is one anime show that tops them all! NARUTO!!!!!!! Do you know Naruto!? If you do, take this quiz and find out yourself!!!!!!"

"Do you know him? Do you know his favorite food, color, and girl? Take this quiz and you'll be a splendid ninja! Do you know about Naruto?!!!!! Find out here! Welcome!

Created by: Arthur

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  1. What is Naruto's last name?
  2. What demon has been put inside of Naruto?
  3. How does Sakura Haruno like in the series?
  4. What is the Japaneese Name of the Village Naruto lives in? Give both American and Japaneese!
  5. How many games of Naruto have there been?
  6. Who does Naruto like in the series and who has a crush on him?
  7. What color is the demon chakra on Naruto?
  8. What is Naruto's dream?
  9. Who is Naruto's Rival?
  10. What is Naruto's favorite Food?

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Quiz topic: How much do I Know About Naruto?