are you a true Naruto fan?

There are many smart people, but few true experts on Naruto. Naruto fans are, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a Naruto fan? A naruto fan is someone who has an extraordinary mind filled with naruto stuff and is able to answer a bunch of complex Naruto questions with ease, and see the world through an entirely Naruto point of view. Which would be pretty awesome if you ask me XD

Are YOU a true Naruto fan? Do you have the brainpower to become the ultimate Ninja/Naruto fan?(mind you, you won't be the only one)Some people are just too stupid to even bother to take this quiz. So if you are then you rooocckkkk ^^ once you take this quiz there is no going back you cannot try to change your score just deal with your original score i mean really... what does it say about you when you cheat?

Created by: Popgal120
  1. who is the main character? (come on this is easy!)
  2. What team is Naruto on?
  3. Who has a secret crush on Naruto?
  4. When is naruto's birthday?
  5. in the shippuden series, who kills Sasori?
  6. which two girls are total fans of Sasuke?
  7. which of the following is not a village in the TV show Naruto?
  8. is Haku a Boy or a girl?
  9. which of the following is not an Akatsuki member?
  10. what number hokage is Tsunade?
  11. which clan is Kiba from?
  12. what is the name of the guy with the purple face paint and the puppets?
  13. Why did Itachi kill his clan?
  14. what is under Kakashi's mask?
  15. lastly who is Guy sensei's star pupil?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Naruto fan?