Are you A True Naruto Fan?

A lot of people watch or read Naruto but only a few know about pretty much everything about what is going on there. This is a quiz to determine your knowledge about Naruto

Are you the true Naruto Fan? Do you know enough about Naruto? If you do not know, you can find out by taking this quiz made just for this purpose. Take it and find out !!

Created by: Teo
  1. Who is the main character in Naruto?
  2. What Jutsu rank is the Rasengan?
  3. In what team does Naruto belong?
  4. What is Jiraya's nickname?
  5. Who were Jiraya's first students?
  6. Who was the founder of the Akatsuki?
  7. How many Pein's are there?
  8. Who controls the 6 Peins?
  9. What person did "Tobi" claim to be?
  10. Which one of Jiraya's students died first?
  11. Who is Uchiha Itachi?
  12. Why did Uchiha Itachi kill all his fellow Uchiha clansmen?
  13. Who is the first Hokage?
  14. Who is the second Hokage?
  15. Who is the third Hokage?
  16. Who is the fourth Hokage?
  17. Who is the fifth Hokage?
  18. Who is the Jinchuriki of the eight tales?
  19. What does Jiraya like to do in his spare time? ( not women, drinking )
  20. What is Jiraya's first novel?
  21. Why did Granny Chiyo die?
  22. What did Sasuke have on his neck?
  23. Who helps Naruto tame the Kyuubi?
  24. Who are Naruto's parents?
  25. Who was Izuna Uchiha?
  26. What does Hashirama think about his granddaughter (Tsunade) becoming Hokage?
  27. Who was the Sage of the Six Paths?
  28. Who was the Jinchuriki of the Jubi? (Ten tails)
  29. What is behind Kakashi's face according to a filler episode of Naruto?
  30. What is the Kyuubi's ( 9 tails ) real name?
  31. What is Naruto's signature phrase?

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