How Well Do You Know Haku From Naruto?

There are many many characters in the Anime series Naruto, but very few gain much attention. If you are a true fan of this series, then you should know about all of the major and minor characters, such as Haku. Come and test your skills here.

How well do you know Haku from the Anime series Naruto? Do you even know if he exist, or not? Find out here at this quiz that asks few questions about the minor character.

Created by: Kajune
  1. What is Haku's gender?
  2. What village is he from?
  3. Who killed Haku's mother?
  4. Who killed Haku?
  5. What is Haku's weapon?
  6. Who was buried next to Haku's body?
  7. What did Haku possess?
  8. At first sight, what did Naruto Uzumaki think Haku was?
  9. What does Haku's name mean?
  10. How old was Haku when he died?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Haku From Naruto?