Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven

Do you think you will have some good time with your crush? Out of the Naruto characters....There are 6 men to choose from Haku the mist ninja Kiba the dog boy Gaara of the Sand Shikamaru the lazy one Neji of the Hyuga Clan And Sasuke Uchiha

Tell me, you think you got what it takes to choose between these six men?! Show me what you got and take this fun quiz. You'll thank me later :) If you do not like your result.... TAKE IT AGAIN! You will perhaps get someone else to have a hell of a good time with ;)

Created by: Amber W
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  1. Out of these names, which do you want to use?
  2. Ok, now here comes the role play. You are sitting in your apartment room when your phone rings. You answer and its Sakura. She is calling to invite you to a sleep over. Your answer?
  3. You soon arrive at Sakuras place and you see Naruto annoying the heck out of Sasuke. You..?
  4. Whatever you chose, you sit down next to Sakura and Tenten, watching the others. You notice a guy that you've always liked, and he is looking at you! You...?
  5. "OK! Truth or dare time!!" Sakura shouts. You all sit in a circle, you are in between Tenten and Hinata. When its finally your turn, Ino dares you to switch places so you are sitting next to your crush. You...?
  6. You go and now you are sitting beside your crush. When its his turn, he is dared to kiss you, on the lips. Your reaction...?
  7. He kisses you quickly on the lips and pulls back. Then you all get up and have a karaoke contest. What is your song?
  8. You finish your song and stand in the crowd. As you watch Ino do a ridiculous song, your crush whispers in your ear "You did a beautiful job." You..?
  9. After the contest you all sit down for Seven minutes in heaven. What are your thoughts?
  10. Sakura walks up to you with a hat. In it are cards folded up. You draw a card and see what on it?

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