How much do you know about Naruto

There are Naruto fans,minor Naruto fans,Naruto lover,and not Naruto lover. A fan knows 100% about Naruto,Minors know more than 68%,lovers know more than 51%,and non lovers know under 30%.

Are you a fan? Minor? Lover? Or not any? You will after this quiz!! This'll prove what are you? No more pondering or wondering! This'll show the answers to your questions!!

Created by: Beautyprincess

  1. In the Akatsuki,there is a man with a mask who's pen name is Tobi. What is his true identity?
  2. Who started the fourth shinobi war and why?
  3. Who was going to become Hokage before Tsunade woke up from her coma?
  4. What was the true reason Itachi killed his entire clan?
  5. Who created the shadow clone and reanimation justu?
  6. Who killed Madara Uchiha?
  7. Who created Taka and what for?
  8. Who is another Uzumaki besides Naruto that is still alive?
  9. What did Anko,Sasuke,and Jugo have on common?
  10. When would the sharingan be activated for?
  11. What characteristics should people in the Uzumaki have so they could prove they are in the Uzumaki?
  12. Which 14 year old wants to become Hokage?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Naruto