Naruto&Naruto Shippuden Triva

This quiz is to test your knowledge on the hit anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden! It may not be complete all the way but it is awesome. And it will be better once the shippuden series is complete. Believe it!!

This Naruto Trivia is short because I can't do this quiz the entire day!! Ain't nobody got time for that! Plus I got things to do places I have to go .

Created by: gaaraofthedesert
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  1. How did Naruto end up passing as a genin even though he failed the test?
  2. What other name was Zabuza known for?& What kekkei genkai did Haku have?
  3. What do you feel was the important message in this arc?
  4. Who are exactly three that Team 7 and the konohamaru squad encounter?
  5. How many and what are the stages of the chunin exam?
  6. At the end of this arc, what had Naruto said that made gaara change his ways?
  7. Why had Sasuke left Konoha/leaf village?
  8. Shippuden time!! Why does Naruto care so deeply about Gaara?
  9. Who is Sasuke's and Kakashi's temporary replacement?
  10. Who killed Asuma-sensei?:'(
  11. Who killed Orochimaru?
  12. What level of crazy with evil, power, obsession etc.did Sasuke undergo?
  13. Who declared the fourth great ninja war??
  14. Who are the four company leaders?
  15. The following questions will not affect your score. Who's your favorite atakatski member?
  16. Who is your favorite Team?
  17. This is my first quiz so yeah. Probably when the shippuden series end I'll make another one that is totally complete and will test your knowledge on Naruto :) Final question on a scale to 1 to 5 how cool , awesome, greatest naruto test u have ever taken this test??!???

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