hinata or ino what one will be yours?

there are many shinobi out there and not all of them can get whoever you got but congrats if you got ino yamanakas young version shes my fave in the series

Are YOU a naruto fan if you are and youre a male dont forget that there are only four ways to go ino and hinata as there younger selves and there shippuden selves

Created by: malcolm

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  1. hoe do you like your girl
  2. visual or mind tricks
  3. if your girl waned to die her hair what colour would it be???
  4. if you could choose the personality of your girl what would it be???
  5. do you like my quiz
  6. im running out of questions do you have any suggestions???
  7. i got one... are you jealous of sasuke???
  8. who do you think you love more
  9. are you jealous of naruto
  10. do u like weapons
  11. last one who do you think youre gonna get

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Quiz topic: Hinata or ino what one will be mys?