The Absolute Ultimate Naruto Quiz Pt. 1

There are many people out there who know Naruto. However, few know a lot of its details, and even fewer seek the truth to know everything about it all...

Do you think that YOU know everything about Naruto? Do you think you can pass the test? Try. It's actually very hard. (BTW, try from your memory to the best of your ability. Don't ask google or anything like that. That's cheating.)

Created by: Isella Howler of My Chenille Furies
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  1. Who is the main character of Naruto?
  2. Which of the following is Naruto's first Sensei?
  3. What is Naruto's ninja registration number?
  4. What is Sasuke's favorite food?
  5. In the Japanese version of the anime, how is Neji's last name spelt?
  6. Who is in Team Ten?
  7. Who is in Team Nine?
  8. Who is in Team Six?
  9. Who was Kakashi's Sensei?
  10. What does Naruto mean?
  11. What does Kiba mean?
  12. Who was Minato's Sensei?
  13. Who Created Naruto?
  14. Which is the correct order of student/sensei relationships?
  15. Who Does Team Seven have to protect in their first higher ranked mission?
  16. Who is the first character to die in the entire series that everyone knows about?
  17. What is the name of the beast sealed inside Naruto?
  18. Where does Naruto and Sasuke first have an actual fight against each other?
  19. Which of the following dies of suicide?
  20. Who is Naruto's father?
  21. What did Itachi give Naruto?
  22. How was Hidan killed?
  23. Nagato is part of the ________ clan.
  24. What is Kiba's blood type?
  25. What is Kiba's favorite food?
  26. Who does Hinata have a crush on?
  27. What is the first opening to the Naruto Shippuden series named?
  28. What is Sakura's catchphrase?
  29. How many puppets does Kankuro have?
  30. When does Naruto stop saying Believe it?
  31. Who is Naruto's rival?
  32. What is Naruto's favorite type of ramen?
  33. What is Kakashi's birthday?
  34. When is Zabuza's birthday?
  35. Where is Deidara's birthplace?
  36. What is Jiraya's ninja registration number?
  37. How many episodes are in the Naruto anime? (Not including Shippuden!)
  38. Sorry this quiz is so long. What does Akatsuki mean?
  39. What is Sai's nickname for Ino?
  40. What is Shikamaru's IQ?
  41. Who did Choji fight against in the chunin exams?
  42. Who was the founder of the Leaf Village?
  43. What is Shizune's relationship to Tsunade?
  44. How many more? 5 more! Let's see... Oh! Who owned Kabuto's glasses before him?
  45. What is the seal which Minato placed on Naruto's chest called?
  46. How long is Naruto out training with Jiraya in between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden?
  47. What nation is Konaha located in?
  48. Last question. What is the name for someone with a beast sealed inside them?

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