Are You The ABSOLUTE Genius?

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There are many, many clever people, a majority were teachers pet, but to be the ABSOLUTE Genius, you have to extravagantly clever, no slacking in any work, anywhere, any-time. Were you like that? Could you solve any problem, complex or simple?

Do YOU have the brains to be the ABSOLUTE Genius? Do YOU think you could earn the honour of owning that prestigious, rare title? Until now, it was only in your dreams. Now it's reality! Try this test, and give your brain a workout to last a lifetime!

Created by: Kenzie Louise Mae
  1. Who is Albert Einstein?
  2. What is 298/9? (298 divided by 9)
  3. What does 'extraordinary' mean?
  4. Which country is Buckland in?
  5. What is your favourite subject of Telly?
  6. What are all the names of Santa's reindeer?
  7. Kiss Me Kate, is a modern version of which Shakespeare play?
  8. By which name is the Late Tiberius better known as?
  9. Who is the eldest Walton child?
  10. If someone said they liked the singer/songwriter BB, who would they mean?

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Quiz topic: Am I The ABSOLUTE Genius?