Are you a Naruto fan?

There are many people out there who claim they are a fan of Naruto. But are you one of them? ARE you a Naruto Fan? ARE you a TRUE Naruto fan? Take the quiz and find out!

<<If you go on searching for answers you know you are not a fan. Do it with your true knowledge not someone's else's. Don't lie your way through! Take it and use the answers deep in your heart>>

Created by: Sayuri

  1. Who is the creator of Naruto?
  2. Who's the main character?
  3. Gaara becomes the new...
  4. Who did Orochimaru truly want as his "container"?
  5. Tsunade lost her..
  6. Iruka is a...
  7. Jiraiya helps Naruto learn to use..
  8. Sakura wants to become a..
  9. Shikamaru is teamed up with..
  10. How many Naruto video games do you own?
  11. Have you read Naruto in any SHONEN JUMP issue?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Naruto fan?