Naruto Trivia: How well do you know Naruto?

Naruto is very popular among 10-15 year olds. Many, like me, catch it every week on Saturdays from 9-10 PM. My group is most likely to know from 95-100% of Naruto, but that doesn't mean the others know nothing at all.

Are you a TRUE Naruto fan? Are you a master of Naruto and company? Do you like (and make) Naruto-based RPGs with friends and on forums? This trivia will test you on a few Naruto-based things, and even some Japanese class. Are you a TRUE Naruto fan? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Isabelle

  1. What is the name of the ninja who has control over sand?
  2. What ninja has the abilities "Primary Lotus" and "Hidden Lotus" (yeetch I don't like hidden lotus =()
  3. How do you spell the name of the ninja who knows Partial Expansion Jutsu and Human Boulder?
  4. How do you spell Neji's last name?
  5. What is Ino's last name?
  6. Which of these skills belongs to Naruto?
  7. Who of these are in a squad with Hinata?
  8. What does Kiba mean?
  9. What does Mizuki mean?
  10. Did anyone ever try to imitate Mizuki and his mannequin?
  11. What does Iruka mean?
  12. Quick! Pick "Yes!"

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Quiz topic: Naruto Trivia: How well do I know Naruto?