Which Naruto Character are you?

Ever wounder what kind of nija you are? Take this quiz to find out! Naruto is a great series and fun to watch! I hope you get who you wanted! i love the show and the movie! it's great to watch! I love it!

Are you a true ninja? Let's find out now! Take the quiz to find out what kind of ninja you are! the show is great im great yay we're all great! i wish i didn't have to write this! Hahaha! yay im so pretty o so pretty

Created by: Clare
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  1. Let's start of with a tipical day of a nija. You wake a late and need to get to training fast. You;
  2. You made it to training on time. You start of with a D rank mission of a missing cat. You;
  3. You didn't exactly get the cat. actually, he scratched you on the face and ran away. Now everyone is mad. You;
  4. time for lunch. You;
  5. time for tree climbing! what's running through your head?
  6. You need help with tree climbing so you;
  7. on your way home from practice, you notice someone is getting bullied you...
  8. the fight is over and you're late for dinner. You;
  9. time for bed. You;
  10. someone randomly comes screaming in your room. you;

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character am I?