Which Naruto Boy are YOU?!

This was a quiz for the boys of Naruto. Some of these answers and questions may not be near to how you are, but your taking a test to see what boy you are. And I'm sorry about the Yaoi question. ^_^'''

There are many people who want to know who they would be if they were in the world of Naruto. I personally say I am a bit like all of the boys, but who sdo you think you are?

Created by: Neji
  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. If a kunoichi was in trouble, what would you do?
  3. What's your Favorite FOOD!?
  4. Which Kunoichi would you date?
  5. Where would you like to hang out?
  6. How would you decribe yourself?
  7. What is your favorite movie?
  8. If you could do something big, What would it be?
  9. If you could have someone as your Sensai, who would it be?
  10. If you had to date the same Gender, who would you date?
  11. What would you do if someone died?
  12. And finally, who's in your family?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Boy am I?!