Naruto. How much do you know?

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This is a new updated Naruto quiz with some questions that are from resent episodes and resent manga. you may have trouble answering the questions unless you are a true Naruto fan.

Please enjoy the questions here, they are about Naruto and are from the recent episodes and chapters, so enjoy and keep up the Naruto knwledge or you'll fall behind.

Created by: Satanic Pac Man

  1. Who was Naruto's Dad?
  2. How may tailed beasts are there?
  3. What is Naruto's team called in shippuden? (When Sai joins)
  4. What is Yamato's Real Name?
  5. Is Itachi Evil?
  6. When the Yondaime fought with the kyuubi(nine-tailed fox) Was it that time summond buy Uchiha Mandara?
  7. If someone told you thet had seen the episode in which Naruto cloned himself, would you know what episode they where talking about?
  8. How is the current Kazekage?
  9. Who is Naruto's Godfather?
  10. How did Naruto Get his Name?

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Quiz topic: Naruto. How much do I know?