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Can you pass this Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Trivia? Naruto Is an anime series created by... Well that will be In the quiz so I cant tell you that! Are you a Naruto lover or a Naruto loser? Take this test to find out!

Do you think you can pass this test? When I say pass I mean 100%! I wish you luck with this 15 question Trivia I put together! Im just a Naruto Fan like the rest of you so I dont have every detail there Is! I am not finished with Shippuden yet. I have a bit cathing up to do so please dont whine that the facts are not correct or anything! I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Enrique

  1. Who illistrated and wrote the Naruto Series?
  2. Who Is the main character In Naruto/Naruto Shippuden?
  3. Who got his leg crushed In the Exams?
  4. Who's dream Is It to become Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village?
  5. Who Is Rock Lee's Rolemodel?
  6. Which two people have the Jinchuriki sealed inside them?
  7. Who loves Ramen just as Naruto does?
  8. What two people make up a group of two In the Akatsuki?
  9. Which person fled from the Akatsuki for better things to do? So In other words he quit.
  10. Which Akaksuki member got hit first by Naruto's Rasen-Shuriken?
  11. Who says this? "This is such a drag."
  12. Who Is the Toad Sage?
  13. Who killed Hinata Hyuga?
  14. Who Is a rather simple, not so smart, cubby toad that loves snacks?
  15. LAST QUESTION! Which of these groups are Legendary Sanin?

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